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Mar 20, 2013

Hill Climb Racing Apk v1.6.2 (1.6.2)

Hill Climb Racing Apk v1.6.2 (1.6.2)

  • 7 different vehicles with unique upgrades (many different cars, a bike and a tank)
  • Upgradeable parts include engine, suspension, tires and 4WD
  • 8 stages with levels to reach in each (Countryside, Desert, Arctic and the Moon! +++)
  • Share your score with a screenshot with your friends!
  • Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
  • Designed to look good on low resolution and high resolution devices (incl. tablets)
  • Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine
  • and more!


How to Install Modes (a lot of money in the account)

  1. Apk install version 1.5.2: Hill-Climb-Racing-v1.5.2.
  2. Run the game, choose the Jeep, select the track COUNTRYSIDE, press START, drive the car to the first coins and pick them up, and then gold in the game will be very much!
  3. Close game.
  4. Install apk 1.6.2 over 1.5.2 (ie without removing the version set out in paragraph 1)
  5. Run, play!*To get the original version just install v1.6.2 apk.

Direct Download (Recommended)
Zippyshare (Recommended
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

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